Annual GIS and Junior GIS conferences

The Center organizes annually an international conference for researchers (including PhD students) in politican science, international relations, security studies or European studies. The conference Is called generically Governance, Intelligence and Security (GIS) and has a different topic every year. The Center organizes a similar event (GIS Junior) for the BA and MA students from the above mentioned fields on the same general topic and with the same format.

Summer school

Coming soon ...

Research seminar

of Center for Governance and Security Policies

It offers researchers from the country or abroad the opportunity to make recent presentations in a wide audience. The center invites 6 researchers each year, and the events take place online or in person. Details about the speakers and the scheduling of the sessions can be found here!

Research internships

It offers researchers from the country and abroad the opportunity to work in the Center for Governance and Security Policy for a period of 1-6 months. The center does not have its own funding, but helps interested candidates to complete external funding procedures. Details of the researchers who completed the internships are available here!