Research Projects

Political parties, poverty and vote buying:

Explaining clientelism in Romania

Clientelism is the mechanism by which political parties and candidates use public and private resources to secure electoral support. This project aims to provide an answer to the following research question: what explains the variation in the use of clientelism at the county level in Romania? It suggests an original analytical model that brings together five types of explanations: party organization, electoral strategies, donations from private sources, economic development and the demand for clientelism.

Local Resilience (LOCRES)

The project aims to provide a way to measure community resilience and capture local capabilities and vulnerabilities.

It aims to become a source for policy makers and to illustrate the socio-economic mechanisms of contemporary communities and their challenges during crises. The methodology is applied to the cases of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, with the potential to be extended to the entire Eastern European region in the future.