Cătălin Gabriel Done, “Reimagining Regional Security: the Baltic Nexus and NORDEFCO in the Neo Medievalist Context of the Ukrainian War”, Working Paper 6/2023, pp. 1-21

This paper explores the reimagining of regional security in the Baltic region within the
context of the Ukrainian war, utilizing a neo medievalist framework. Focusing on the Baltic
Nexus and the Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO), it examines how these regional
security initiatives contribute to broader European security dynamics amidst the ongoing
conflict in Ukraine. By analyzing the principles of neo medievalism and their application to
regional cooperation, the paper sheds light on the evolving nature of security architectures
in response to contemporary geopolitical challenges. Through case studies and empirical
analysis, it seeks to elucidate the implications of the Baltic Nexus and NORDEFCO for
European security, highlighting their role in fostering resilience and cooperation in the face
of external threats.