National Conference: Governance. Intelligence. Security

19-20 October 2023

Conflicts, power rivalries and instability: contemporary trends and developments

The international system is undergoing profound changes and socio-political processes are marked by conflict, power rivalries and instability. We are dealing with new approaches and behaviours, and traditional conceptualisations of security and governance are being challenged. To date, extensive research has been devoted to the preferences and actions of political actors, the transformations of the intelligence environment and the way power is managed and exercised. At the same time, more attention has been paid to the balance of power and trends in governance and security after 9/11 or the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it remains unclear whether traditional theoretical approaches are still adequate to understand these changes or we are talking about the emergence of new paradigms in the evolution of governance, intelligence and security. Moreover, the factors contributing to recent regional and global transformations have expanded due to new political and social phenomena.

The main objective of the conference is to bring together new analytical perspectives on contemporary challenges and recent developments in the fields of governance, intelligence and security.

The event is aimed at Romanian students and masters students with research interests in: political science, security studies, international relations, European studies, military science and intelligence.

The conference will be organised in a hybrid format: online and in person (in Cluj-Napoca, at Babeș-Bolyai University) and there is no participation fee. Each participant will have 15 minutes to present their paper, followed by 15 minutes of debate.

The best works will be included in a collective volume published by a national publishing house.

Conference applications are submitted via the form available here. Applications are received until 13 October, 2023.

Conference calendar:

13 October: Deadline for registration of participants

15 October: Transmission to authors of acceptance / non-acceptance of the title and summary of the proposed paper

19-20 October: Conference held