PhD Training

14-15 OCTOBER 2022

Training School for PhD Students in the COST Action CA17135

During their studies, the PhD students must acquire a broad set of transferable skills that will make them competitive on the job market. However, the academic experience of many PhD students does not focus on gaining and developing skill sets. While those skills related to problem-solving, research procedures, information collection or analysis are usually well articulated, other practical skills such as work organization and habits, writing at high standards, and oral communication are often under-developed. These are important for those PhD students who wish to continue in the academic but also for those who seek a job outside the academia.

This training workshop of the COST Action CA17135 on Deliberative Democracy and Constitution-Making aims to equip students with some of these practical skills. The sessions use a hands-on approach based on key notions related to learning and on examples of good practice. There are four interactive sessions of the workshop: work organization, writing for academia and for a broader audience, oral presentation at conferences and seminars, and how to deal with rejection in publication and on the job market. The workshop accepts PhD students from the countries of the COST Action, irrespective of the topic of their PhD.