International Conference:
Minorities and Political Engagement

6-7 JUNE 2022

Minorities and Political Engagement: Participation, Deliberation, and Representation

The political engagement of citizens diversified greatly over the last three decades. The topic of political engagement is important in contemporary times especially since one in five individuals around the world lives in free countries according to the 2022 Freedom in the World report. The increasing gap between people and politicians, the dynamic of access points to decision-making process, or the expansion and diversification of Internet use contributed to the popularity of some modes of engagement. This process is well documented for the broader population, but the contribution of minorities of all types (ethnic, religious, sexual etc.) are often under-studied. We know very little about the opinions, attitudes and behaviours of citizens belonging to minority groups in society.

Among others, several issues remain unclear: how citizens belonging to minority groups engage in elections, protests or referendums; why they get involved; what form of engagement they prefer; what are the consequences of their involvement; how the representation of various types of minorities works; what are the appropriate settings to ensure an inclusive engagement of citizens belonging to minorities; and how can political deliberation accommodate the needs of minorities.

This conference aims to bring together works addressing, but not limited to, any of these points. The event will gather a group of 15-20 researchers working on these topics in order to facilitate the knowledge sharing and a better understanding of current events. The organizers strive for a balance between established academics and early career scholars (including PhD candidates). We encourage theoretical, empirical or methodological papers related to the topics of the conference.

Depending on the quality, and scope of works, the organizers have in mind either a special issue in an international peer-reviewed journal or an edited volume with a high-profile publisher.

Venue, application procedure and costs

This is a face-to-face event that will take place at University of Florence (Italy). Authors should fill in the application form (available here) until 15 April 2022 (applications received after deadline will not be reviewed). There is no conference fee. The organizers will cover the travel costs, accommodation and meals for the entire duration of the conference. In case of co-authored works, the costs for one author will be covered.